2014 - One Day

Author: Steven Brito2014 - One day youll see the best of me
Location: Palmdale Playhouse

One Day

One day you’ll see the best of me,
What I can be. Oh yes, you’ll see,
While you’re standing there,
Staring at the concrete.
One day you’ll know,
My name will blow,
And I will glow
Brighter than the sun can be,
Bigger than you’ll ever think.
One day you’ll see the best of me.

- Steven Brito

Honorable Mention

Lynda Cavanaugh, Trish Conley, Louis Denning, Mary Denning, Jillian Foxgrover, Shawna Foxgrover, Debbie Harrington, Jessica Mundine, and Julie Plaisance.