2016 - Guardians Brave Let Palmdale Play

Author: Louis Denning
2016 - Guardians Brave Let Palmdale PlayLocation: Joe Davies Heritage Airpark

Guardians Brave Let Palmdale Play

For here fly the stars of the USA
Visionary, Pilot, Artist, Engineer
Keeping us safe so nothing to fear
Yeager, Barnes, Walker, Rutan
People with guts who said “I can”
Flying Fortresses Super and Strato
Spirit Liberator birds flying alto
Blackbird, Falcon, Eagle, Hawk yield
White stripes on heaven’s blue field
Signaling us our Freedom this day
To act the lyrical Antelope. Play!

- Louis Denning

Honorable Mention

Rebeca Delcid, Ariana Echeverri, Ashley Elmore, Carol Hill, Heather Horning, Pamela L. Lacey, Mekah Robotham, Cheryl Reuter, Ryan Steele, and Tokie Upp.