2016 - Generations of Pioneers

Author: Mary Denning
2016 - Guardians Brave Let Palmdale PlayLocation: Joe Davies Heritage Airpark

Guardians Brave Let Palmdale Play

Their legacy is very clear
When years ago they settled here
With courage in a New Frontier
Generations of Pioneers
Who traveled here from far and near
To build a city over here
Oasis in the Desert lands
Beauty arising from the sands
Where aviators called homelands
And generations came with plans
To build this city with their hands
A legacy for all their fans

- Mary Denning

Honorable Mention

Rebeca Delcid, Ariana Echeverri, Ashley Elmore, Carol Hill, Heather Horning, Pamela L. Lacey, Mekah Robotham, Cheryl Reuter, Ryan Steele, and Tokie Upp.