Parks & Recreation

Parks and recreation


The Parks and Recreation department strives to enhance the quality of life for the community by providing quality programs, public art, amenities, and special events that serve hundreds of families in our community.

With the support of individuals, local businesses, and organizations, we can create community through improving recreational programs, theatre arts, special events, and arts and cultural activities.

Make a Difference

Recreation is an important part of a healthy and positive lifestyle, and our goal is to provide safe places to play, increase family and community relationships, and offer outlets for personal growth. Through your generous contributions we can offer exceptional recreational programming, theater arts, special events, and public art for kids, teens, and adults.

Potential Services and Events

  • General programs, aquatics, sports, recreation
  • Special events
  • Public art
  • Theatre arts/Palmdale Playhouse
  • General – Area of greatest need

Larger contributions provide for recreational classes, programming, art installations, and equipment.

Additional Information

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