Illegal Dumping Action Plan

What is Illegal Dumping?Circle Trash

Illegal dumping is any unauthorized disposal of waste on any public or private property. Usually to avoid collection and disposal fees or because the illegal dumper believes proper disposal is just “too much trouble.”

How Does it Affect Our Community?

There are three main reasons:
Money, quality of life, and the environment.

Illegal dumping:

  • Is a community eyesore
  • Decreases neighborhood property values
  • Costs taxpayers millions of dollars in clean-up costs
  • Negatively impacts plants and wildlife
  • Poses safety hazards to people, especially children
  • Provides a breeding ground for disease-carrying rodents, insects, and other vermin
  • Disrupts natural land and water processes and ruins wildlife habitat
  • Pollutes surface and groundwater

Who Handles Illegal Dumping?Couch on Sidewalk

Public Right-of-Way - Public Works

Current year to date total of incidents, 567 compared to last year 655 (during the same time period July through January). If trend continues, the number of reports will decrease by over 150.

Code Enforcement Truck

Private Property - Code Enforcement

The total number of "cases" results from proactive enforcement action or a community complaint. Citations are issued due to non-compliance of a property owner or directly to the person responsible for the dumping.