Code Changes & Enforcement Policies

  • revokedCode Enforcement will continue to enforce the Municipal Code.
    1. Tow (seize) a vehicle for dumping; PMC 9.47.030
    2. Misdemeanor cite for illegal dumping (with aggravating circumstances)
    3. Fines: 1st offense is $2,500, 2nd offense is $5,000, and 3rd offense is $10,000
    4. Suspend a business license for illegal dumping; PMC 5.04.310
  • Misdemeanors cite for illegal hauler operating without a business license which would be two misdemeanors - one for dumping and one for operating a business without a business license.
  • Staff is currently working on the City's Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D) Ordinance.
  • Staff is proposing to include language in the current business license application that references AB 246, which allows the Contractors State License Board to "deny the licensure of, or cite, temporarily suspend, or permanently revoke any license or registration" of a contractor found guilty of illegally dumping.