Rancho Vista Park Project

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The Rancho Vista Park is the City of Palmdale’s newest park that consists of 3.5 acres and features a kinetic wind sculpture, an ADA-accessible meandering walking path with lighting, group picnic areas, seat walls, quiet nooks, small group tables, and one of the city’s first inclusive playgrounds with slides embedded into the hillside. Nestled within various neighborhoods, the Rancho Vista Park was part of a master planned community in the 1980’s. Due to budget shortfalls, generations of families who purchased within this community were left without a neighborhood park. After many residential campaigns, the development and construction of the park was revitalized and implemented in 2019, with a grand opening in August 2022.

This $2,923,043 park project has created a wealth of new recreational opportunities that directly promote physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness by allowing a safe and quiet space to exercise, relax, and mediate, all while being in a proximity of resident housing. Having a neighborhood park encourages residents to be outdoors more and provides a site that is walkable. The park’s quiet reading nooks offers a wellness recreational opportunity that appeals to all ages and is inclusive for individuals with all abilities, that also encourages and encompasses reading as a form of recreation.


In 2019, a series of community park design meetings and surveying were conducted to hear the voices of the community. Thanks to feedback from 105 park design surveys and 168 community meeting attendees, the final concept map was designed based off of the community's hard work and vision for this park. The Rancho Vista Park project agreement was approved by the City Council at the November 2020 council meeting, with RSB Group Inc. selected for construction of the park in the amount of $2,923,043. City of Palmdale, county, and state officials gathered on March 24, 2021 to celebrate the groundbreaking of Rancho Vista Park. 

Scope of Work

Located next to Los Angeles County Fire Station #136 and Esperanza Elementary School, the Rancho Vista Park features an inclusive playground with slides embedded into the hillside, a kinetic wind sculpture and a meandering walking path with lighting. This park provides plenty of seating, such as group picnic areas, seat walls, and small group tables adjacent to the playground. Also, quiet and reflective spaces with hillside tiered seating for story time, a wellness and meditation garden, and a restroom are included.

Opening Date:

August 16, 2023


40437 35th Street West, Palmdale, CA 93551. Located next to Los Angeles County Fire Station #136 and Esperanza Elementary School.

Rancho Vista Updated Final Concept Map
Rancho Vista Park Survey Summary
Rancho Vista Concept Map