City of Palmdale Sustainable Transportation Plan

Palmdale Sustainambe Transportation Plan

Palmdale’s Sustainable Transportation Plan will be Available Soon!

The City of Palmdale developed a Sustainable Transportation Plan (STP) with core goals of improving traffic safety and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through roadway improvements, amenities, and features that make non-vehicular modes of travel safer and more enjoyable. With your input, the City of Palmdale and the Sustainable Transportation Plan (STP) project team have completed the Draft Plan. The project team conducted analysis to assess conditions related to infrastructure, traffic, safety, vehicle miles traveled, and equity to generate appropriate strategies and programs for improvements. Additionally, the team hosted two rounds of public engagement to collect community input on their travel patterns and preferences related to infrastructure improvements, policy and enforcement measures, and education and programming.  

Draft Plan

The Draft Sustainable Transportation Plan will become available soon and is expected to go to City Council in late March/early April! Stay tuned for details.

Timelin for Sustainable Transportation Project

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Visit to learn more about the STP project and review previous workshop materials.

The project website linked above will be updated regularly and will contain the latest project information as soon as it becomes available.

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For more information, please contact:
Jay Nelson, City Traffic Engineer
Phone: (661) 267-5320