Standard ADU Plans

The City of Palmdale now offers Standard Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) Plans to provide residents with a simplified permitting process for the design and construction of ADUs. The City approved these Standard ADUs in various styles and sizes. To apply for an ADU, applicants will first create an Accela account through the citizen portal and apply for a Zoning Clearance Review. Applicants can find additional resources on our Forms and Resources page. 

ADU Standard Guidelines


Plans provided by the City for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are conceptual renderings approved and offered to applicants for review and use. The drawings supplied are conceptual and will not account for individual and varying site conditions. It is recommended that the Applicant discusses the proposed project with the Planning Division before beginning any design work. Applications for ADUs will be reviewed and approved by the Planning Division first, then will be able to proceed with the Building and Safety Division.

Please note: If an applicant chooses to use one of the preapproved designs provided, the applicant will need to work with the appropriate designers to provide architectural plans, structural plans and calculations, Title 24 compliance, and all required construction documents. Plans and construction papers will be reviewed for code compliance after the application has been submitted.