Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance maintains and repairs the entire network of right-of-way in the City: 508 street centerline miles (94.6 million square feet), 560 miles of sidewalks, and 17 miles of storm drains and culverts. Crews are readily available for storm patrol, emergencies, and disasters as they occur within City limits and assist surrounding communities when needed.

In addition, the division provides:

  • Pavement maintenance functions
  • Snow plowing/street sanding
  • Pavement legend painting/curb painting
  • Storm damage maintenance and repair
  • Concrete maintenance and repair
  • Drainage maintenance and repair
  • Illegal dumping removal
  • Traffic and street sign maintenance
  • Alley Maintenance
  • Pothole repair

Report a Street Maintenance Problem

Submit a Report Maintenance Issue form for street and sidewalk issues in Palmdale. 

Street Sweeping Schedule

Residential Street Sweeping is done through Waste Management. Please use the Recycle Coach® app to look up the schedule using your address. For street sweeping issues or concerns, please contact Waste Management at 661-947-7197.