Report Graffiti


The graffiti abatement team is responsible for removing graffiti in the public right-of-way and at City facilities. Barring inclement weather and a high number of reports, graffiti abatement has a turnaround time of about four weeks from receipt of the report. A Graffiti report is generated for every call and online request our Maintenance administration receives.

You can report graffiti on City facilities or in the public right-of-way at: 

  • Report by calling our front office at 661-267-5338, Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
  • Report graffiti on the Palmdale Pride Hotline, 94-PRIDE (661-947-7433)
  • Through our Report Graffiti Online Form
  • Report graffiti by downloading the Recycle Coach App

Graffiti on Private Property

Graffiti that occurs on a private or commercial property or multifamily or single-family homes is the responsibility of the property owner to remove. If you want to report graffiti on private property, please contact Code Enforcement.

The City of Palmdale is committed to maintaining a graffiti-free community.