Good Neighbor Tips

Neighbors shaking hands

A Quality Community Begins With You

Well-maintained homes are essential components of a healthy community. Preserving our housing stock, maintaining property values, and ensuring our properties are healthy and safe benefits not only individual property owners and tenants, but also the community at large.

Did you know Palmdale has zoning ordinances that govern the use of your property? Each year the City receives hundreds of calls from citizens with property maintenance concerns. In response to these inquiries, Code Enforcement has prepared this Good Neighbor brochure (PDF) as a guide to help you make sure your property is compliant.

Being a Good Neighbor

We all want to live in a strong, safe and sustainable community. By sharing your time, talent and resources, you are making your neighborhood a desirable place to live, work, raise a family, and feel safe. Use the information provided below to involve your family, neighbors, and friends in the process of educating them with tips, suggestions, and reminders of what it takes to be a good neighbor.

  • Keep your home properly identified for emergency situations
  • Keep your yard groomed on a regular basis
  • Keep sidewalks free of obstructions such as bushes growing into the sidewalk path, tree limbs hanging lower than seven feet, and vehicles
  • Don't let weeds or grassy areas exceed eight inches in height
  • Clean up after your pets
  • Keep noise level to a minimum
  • Park vehicles on the street or in your driveway, not on the sidewalk or lawn
  • Dispose of excess trash and debris
  • Retrieve trash cans by midnight on your collection day
  • Clean rain gutters annually
  • Prevent standing water which attracts and breeds mosquitoes
  • Remove Christmas lights when the holiday is over
  • Order a bulky item pick-up from Waste Management or redeem a dump voucher to haul off unwanted household items. Better yet, consider donating gently-used items to SAVES.

It's easy to spread goodwill by offering to help a neighbor do the same. Something as simple as bringing in the trash cart for an elderly or sick neighbor is an expression of good will. Reaching out to those close to you can be a benefit to the whole block!