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Job Academy

The job academy is a six-session training class that includes learning how to complete an application, identifying potential employers, customer service skills, and personal performance standards, and participate in mock interviews. Local employers participate in a panel discussing their hiring priorities and performance expectations. Students that complete the class receive a certificate of completion for presentation to prospective employers outlining the training components.

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Youth Employment Tips & Resources

Applying for your first job can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. The best way to beat the butterflies in your stomach is to be prepared! Before you set out to apply for that first job, you should think about several key things. Ask yourself:

  • How many hours can I work?
  • How will I get to and from work?
  • Am I ready to balance work and school? 

Once you have answered those questions, it is time to prepare for the application process itself. The quick links below will help you and your parents understand your rights as a youth employee, work permit requirements, and the multitude of resources available to help you succeed.