Disabled Placard / Plate

Department of Motor Vehicle's Identification Card Requirements

To improve parking accessibility and reduce the fraudulent use of disabled placards, the City of Palmdale actively enforces state regulations that require individuals to carry the DMV identification card issued with their disabled placard. Handicapped Sign

Drivers may be asked to verify the identification card information to help parking enforcement officers stop disabled placard abuse.

If the required identification card is not provided, the disabled placard will be confiscated and a $463 parking fine will be issued for misuse.

Penalty Reduction

Motorists who receive a parking citation for not displaying their disabled placard may have the penalty reduced to a $25 administrative fee by presenting the correct DMV identification to the City’s Neighborhood Compliance office within 21 days.

More information about Parking Citations

Permitted Parking for Disabled Persons

A vehicle displaying a valid disabled person placard or license plate may park:

  • In parking spaces with the international symbol of access (wheelchair symbol).
  • Next to a blue curb authorized for persons with disabilities parking.
  • Next to a green curb without time limit restrictions.
  • On a street that indicates it requires a residential or preferential parking permit.

Information about disabled person placards and plates can be found on the DMV website.