Public Safety Resources

The City offers presentations on many crime prevention topics. All classes are free to the public and can be arranged by calling 661-267-5170, or by using the interest form.

Senior Safety and Security

Topics include personal safety, home and vehicle security, emergency preparedness, identity theft, and scams targeting seniors.

Emergency Preparedness

Free emergency preparedness presentations are available for residents, businesses and other organizations in the City. Presentations are brought to your group and cover topics such as emergency supplies; action plans; how to prepare children, seniors and the disabled; how to prepare for pets; and how to prepare your home.

Home Security

This presentation covers ways to improve the physical security of your home.

Home Security Surveys

A Public Safety specialist will come to your home and look at your windows, lighting, landscaping, doors, and locks from a safety and security standpoint.

General Personal Safety 

This presentation focuses on teaching you how to be aware of your surroundings and avoid dangerous situations.

Identity Theft

Learn how to minimize your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Scams, Schemes and Cons

This presentation covers the most common and current scams and cons.

Child Safety

This presentation covers the most effective ways to help keep children safe in everyday situations.