PLEASE NOTE: Payment of application fees is required at the time of application submittal. Applications without payment will not be accepted.
  1. Annexation (PDF)
  2. Appeal Application (PDF)
  3. Conditional Use Permit or Site Plan Review or Major Modification or Time Extension for Conditional Use Permit or Site Plan Reveiw (PDF)
  4. Conditional Use Permit Within an Existing Building Tattoo Tobacco Alcohol Secondhand Uses
  5. Exotic Animals or Additional Animals Permit (PDF)
  6. Home Occupation Permit (PDF)
  7. Home Occupation Permit Application (Spanish) (PDF)
  8. Large Family Day Care Permit (PDF)
  9. Minor Exemption or Minor Modification Application (PDF)
  10. Minor Site Plan Review Application for Developments within PTASP (PDF)
  11. Minor Site Plan Review Cottage Food Operation, Residentail Sports Court, Small Residential Wind Generator, and Communication Facility (PDF)
  12. Pre-Application (PDF)
  13. Procedures for Project Site Sign Posting (PDF)
  14. Sign Application for Change of Copy (PDF)
  15. Sign Permit (PDF)
  16. Sign Program Application (PDF)
  17. Special Event Permit (PDF)
  18. Subdivision Development Plan Application (PDF)
  19. Temporary Commercial Banner Permit (PDF)
  20. Temporary Outdoor Dining Expansion Application (PDF)
  21. Temporary Use Permit (PDF)
  22. Temporary Use Permit for Alcohol (PDF)
  23. Temporary Use Permit for Fireworks (PDF)
  24. Temporary Use Permit for Onsite Model Home etc. (PDF)
  25. Tentative Tract-Parcel Map-Vesting Map-Major Modification and Time Extension Application (PDF)
  26. Variance (PDF)
  27. Zone Change and Prezone Application (PDF)
  28. Zoning Clearance for Single Family Minor Modification or Tenant Improvement (PDF)
  29. Zoning Clearance Occupancy Review Form (PDF)
  30. Zoning Ordinance Amendment Application (PDF)