4th Street RFQ

It is the intent of the Housing Authority of the City of Palmdale to select a Broker/Realtor to assist with the sale of 38553 4th Street East property to an eligible household in compliance with affordability requirements of the Health and Safety Code. The Housing Authority will utilize loan proceeds from sale or City Permanent Local Housing Allocation Funds (PLHA) to subsidize the resale of affordable housing.
Complete RFQ application must be submitted by February 15, 2024.

Request for Qualification and Selection of Broker/Realtor for Resale of 38553 4th Street East Property

The Housing Division develops housing programs and assists in bringing affordable housing projects to Palmdale. Affordable housing funding comes from Housing Asset Funds.

Affordable housing programs include new construction of rental and owner-occupied housing, rental housing rehabilitation, and gap assistance loans for home ownership. Community engagement is encouraged to develop strong neighborhoods.

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