Before You Volunteer

It is important that a volunteer position be a good fit for both the agency and the volunteer. Asking yourself the following questions before you apply may help in the process and ensure a stronger match between volunteer and agency:
  • How much time do I have to commit? Be careful not to over commit. We all want to help, but the agency is counting on you, so make sure you can fulfill your commitment.  
  • What days/hours do I have available? It is valuable to determine this ahead of time. This is important to the organization to ensure that your availability matches their needs.  
  • Make sure the assignment is an acceptable travel distance. If you rely on public transportation, check the availability before applying to a location.
  • Is there a particular cause/project that I am passionate about or one I would like to learn more about? It’s not work if you love it! Helping out a cause or project that you are truly committed to makes the experience all the richer.
  • Why do I want to volunteer? It is important to volunteer for the right reasons. Take the time to really think about why you wish to volunteer and what you hope to gain from the experience.