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Palmdale Partners

Palmdale Partners are ambassadors who engage residents in community outreach throughout the City. To apply to become a Palmdale Partner, you must be a Palmdale resident who has completed the Palmdale Partners Academy.

If you are interested in future recruitments, please view and submit the following:

Volunteer Openings

The City recruits volunteers for positions in the City year-round for posted openings or by program referral. Volunteers must complete the application and a background check. Learn more about volunteering.

Community Connections

There are many organizations in the Antelope Valley that welcome volunteers — become engaged by following your passion! Connect with an organization whose mission supports your own interests and ideals. In the end, everyone wins.

Local Resources and Current Postings

View current volunteer opportunities:

Engage in Your Local Schools

Schools need dedicated volunteers to carry out a variety of duties throughout the school. When you contribute your time at a school, you're sending the message that you consider education a worthy cause. To learn more, contact the school district directly or visit: 

Engagement Through Knowledge

Get connected to your community by learning more about it. Becoming involved in classes, educational programming and presentations increase your awareness and knowledge of your community and its resources.

  • Palmdale City Library: Get connected through programming at the Library — it’s not just for books anymore!
  • Palmdale Partners Academy: An annual class designed to educate residents about City operations and its partners.
  • Public Safety: Safety is a community responsibility, learn about what you can do to help.