Back Home

Artist: Sol MeszSol Mesz in front of the Back Home statue
Location: Palmdale Transportation Center, 39000 Clock Tower Plaza Drive
Installation Date: August 20, 2014

The City commissioned Argentinian artist Sol Mesz to create a sculpture that emphasized the importance and usefulness of recycling. Artistically connecting the location and surrounding native vegetation with the recycled materials used to create the work, the piece was named Back Home.


To create Back Home, scrap metal for the leaves was provided by Vision Engineering and U.S. Architectural, while Allan Company and Strategic Materials, Inc. contributed the glass. For the viewing enjoyment of early morning and late night travelers, Vision Engineering provided LED lighting for the project.

The trunk was created from decorative light poles that had been removed from City parking lots during the installation of new solar energy producing shade structures. The branches were designed and manufactured by City employee John Karavidas. Mesz created the glass portions by handwashing, sorting, and heating the glass in a kiln to ensure that the glass would not crack or break.

Creating the Piece

Watch a video about the process of creating Back Home.

About the Artist

Sol Mesz is a glass artist best known for her work with 100% recycled glass using techniques employed by 15th century glass masters.