Filming in Palmdale

A semi full of filming equipment

The Film Industry’s Gateway to the Antelope Valley

Palmdale has a long and rich history of providing scenic and exotic locations for Hollywood films dating back to the silent film days, from portraying the Holy Land in biblical epics to the Wild West in countless Westerns and even sci-fi classics shot in the ’50s.

The Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ) was recently extended 10 miles, with much of Palmdale now located within the zone. Combined with the State’s recently expanded Film Tax Incentive Program, the City has seen a surge in film productions using the abundant locations and resources that are available here.

In light of these recent pro-filming developments, Palmdale is aggressively working to further develop its reputation as a film-friendly city.

For information about locations and the permitting process, contact the City's Film Liaison David Halver. With nearly 40 years of film production experience, David can help you find the locations you need and guide you through the film permit process. A member of FilmLA and the Antelope Valley Film Office, Halver works with Antelope Valley Film Commissioner Pauline East. Halver can be reached by voice or text message at 310-463-1911 or by email at

FilmLAFilm L.A.

FilmLA is the official film permit office for the City and Los Angeles County. FilmLA provides a streamlined one-stop source for all film permits issued in Palmdale city limits, as well as all permits for productions taking place anywhere in Los Angeles County. For more information, visit FilmLA or call the Production Department at 213-977-8600.

Antelope Valley Film Office (AVFO)Antelope Valley Film Office

AVFO is a professional service organization founded and developed by Antelope Valley Film Commissioner Pauline East. The AVFO website is an excellent way to find film locations, crew members, and resources to help you with your production. Explore the AVFO website by visiting