City Charter

Palmdale is a Charter City governed under the council/manager form of local government. Every two years, council members are elected to serve four-year terms for their respective districts (Districts 1 & 2 were elected in 2020, Districts 3, 4, and 5 will be elected in 2022). The office of Mayor will be filled by one of the councilmembers by a majority vote of the City Council and will rotate every year.

View the Palmdale City Charter (PDF)

About Palmdale

Over 100 years ago, when land in the Antelope Valley sold for fifty cents an acre, a group of Swiss and German families migrated from the Midwest and named their new community Palmenthal. Affordable housing, excellent schools and over 300 days a year of smog-free blue sky contribute to an exceptional lifestyle. 

Despite its growth, Palmdale continues to cherish the small-town values of a family-oriented community while enjoying all of the conveniences of a thriving metropolitan area.