The most common type of all natural hazards is flooding. This is particularly true in the greater Antelope Valley area. Being prepared is a vital step toward protecting both lives and personal property.

Flooding can be caused by various weather situations, whether it be severe thunderstorms or a slow-moving tropical system over the City, such as we saw with Flood of 2015. It can cause damage both with fast-moving currents, as well as residual mold damage to homes. for more information on Floods and flood safety please visit Ready.gov.

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The number one killer for natural disasters in the United States is flooding. Many times, individuals aren’t able to judge the depths of water along roadways and find themselves in perilous conditions.

The National Weather Service encourages residents to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown” by not driving into areas of water across a roadway.

Water at heights of as little as six inches can sweep you off your feet and downstream. Water as little as two feet can wash you and your vehicle downstream as well.

Be especially cautious at night, when its even more difficult to gauge the amount of water in a roadway. The safest option is to simply avoid driving over water and find an alternate, safer route, or wait until the danger has passed. If you see water covering a roadway that can result in danger for motorists, please dial 9-1-1 and report it immediately.


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If you live in Palmdale, you should have flood insurance. Homeowners and Renter’s insurance will not cover damage from flooding caused by heavy rain, river, creek and bayou overflows. Flood insurance is relatively cheap – but can save you a lot of money when you’re affected by flooding. Visit National Flood Insurance Program for more info .