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Your input is wanted! The City is interested in gathering community feedback from nearby residents about the features they would like to see within their community parks.  Eligible projects will be submitted for state and/or county grant funds for construction.

If you would like to receive project updates, please subscribe to your neighborhood park mailing list. We encourage residents to attend meetings to provide input. Meeting dates will be published on this page, emailed to park subscribers and posted on Facebook as the information becomes available.

Parks make life better! As part of our City of Palmdale Strategic Plan, we strive to maintain a desirable community where everyone wants to live, work  and play, as well as invest in infrastructure to improve community livability. Check out our future projects that are making way to our community, as well as past projects.

Upcoming Park Improvement Projects

  • Amargosa Creek Trail Enhancement Project - Coming Soon

  • Marie Kerr Park Pool Swim Deck Expansion - Coming Soon

  • Melville J. Courson Park Revitalization - Coming 2024

  • Sam Yellen Park, Phase II - Coming Late 2024

Completed Park Improvement Projects

Rancho Vista Park Project

The Rancho Vista Park is the City of Palmdale’s newest park that consists of 3.5 acres and features a kinetic wind sculpture, an ADA-accessible meandering walking path with lighting, group picnic areas, seat walls, quiet nooks, small group tables, and one of the city’s first inclusive playgrounds with slides embedded into the hillside. Nestled within various neighborhoods, the Rancho Vista Park was part of a master planned community in the 1980’s. Due to budget shortfalls, generations of families who purchased within this community were left without a neighborhood park. After many residential campaigns, the development and construction of the park was revitalized and implemented in 2019, with a grand opening in August 2022.

This $2,923,043 park project has created a wealth of new recreational opportunities that directly promote physical, emotional, and mental health and wellness by allowing a safe and quiet space to exercise, relax, and mediate, all while being in a proximity of resident housing. Having a neighborhood park encourages residents to be outdoors more and provides a site that is walkable. The park’s quiet reading nooks offers a wellness recreational opportunity that appeals to all ages and is inclusive for individuals with all abilities, that also encourages and encompasses reading as a form of recreation.

Rancho Vista Park Photo
Rancho Vista Park Photo

Marie Kerr Park Playground and Adult Outdoor Fitness Station Project

The City of Palmdale has completed a $231,000 all-inclusive improvement project to upgrade and replace the children’s playground and adult fitness stations at Marie Kerr Park. The City was awarded grant funding from the 2019 California Park & Recreation Society’s Statewide Healthy Play Initiative for the Marie Kerr Park Playground and Adult Fitness Station Project. The City submitted an application in August 2019 for funding to assist with the development of the Marie Kerr playground space that will help encourage best practice designs for active behavior.

The Marie Kerr Park playground is the first all-inclusive playground in the City of Palmdale. The playground project included removing and replacing the existing 25-year-old equipment with all-inclusive pieces, which includes ramps for accessibility, and provides opportunities for children and adults of all abilities to interact together through play. Some of the playground amenities include shadow play, harnessed swings, swinging, climbing, and sliding activities, play structures to promote core strength, and other sensory rich features. The new fitness stations meet today’s accessibility standards and will entice park users of all ages to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A major goal of this improvement project was to turn this site into one that is worthy of the title “Everyone’s Park!” and to vastly improve the park’s inclusivity, as well as make play possible for the whole community.

Each playground funded by the initiative will be designated as a National Demonstration Site by PlayCore. National Demonstration Sites are part of a nationwide research project to collect anonymous usage data about the park and its long-term impact in a local community. To learn more about PlayCore, visit For more information, please call 661/267-5611.

Marie Kerr ParkMarie Kerr Park with Sign

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Domenic Massari Park Court Refurbishment and Installation Project

The City is proud to announce the Domenic Massari Park Court Refurbishment and Installation Project is now complete! The project includes additional basketball courts throughout the park and improvements to the existing courts. The new courts include a full court, half court and youth court. The refurbished courts were designed and painted by Los Angeles artist Art Mobb (Michael Farhat), with stylized motifs representing the Antelope Valley. With community feedback, we have been successful in accomplishing a variety of park improvements since 2015. Thanks to the generation donations from the Los Angeles Clippers and the Paul George Foundation, we have tackled one additional item on the list — placing basketball courts in visible locations for youth.

Marie Kerr Park Court Refurbishment Project

2K Foundations, Paul George, and Los Angeles artist ArtMobb collaborated on a unique court design that pays homage to Paul George and his hometown, Palmdale.

The court design features desert scenery reflecting that of Palmdale, and the water and fish at the bottom of the design is representative of Paul George’s love of the water and fishing. This blends into the desert landscape featuring Joshua trees native to Palmdale, and a gorgeous summer sunset. The court design also features a flock of birds soaring into the sunset, paying homage to Paul George’s mother.

The court is adorned with the logos of the organizations that helped bring this refurbishment to life include the Paul George logo and signature, 2K Foundations, and the City of Palmdale. The project was completed in September 2019.