Amargosa Creek Trail

The Amargosa Creek Trail was a true collaboration of five agencies that each shared a common vision and goal to store and preserve one of California’s most precious resources, water.

The State of California Department of Resources; the Antelope Valley East Kern Water Agency; the Palmdale Water District; the County of Los Angeles; and the City of Palmdale worked together on the endeavor that provides two very important services for the community: it recharges the groundwater basin beneath Palmdale and it creates natural recreation space for residents.

The Amargosa Creek Trail will provide a Nature Trail that is 50 -acres of “Habitat” that will preserve and enhance the century-old Joshua and Juniper trees on-site. The Nature Trail will be located on the north and south sides of Amargosa Creek, the habitat will be accessed by paths lined with plant identification placards and interpretive storyboards.

Additionally, habitat restoration will take place along the trail system and adjacent to picnic areas located throughout the creek. This will invite community members to sit down, relax, and enjoy their natural surroundings.