Where can I park an RV?

In residential districts, recreational vehicles may be parked on the driveway, and any interior side or rear yard provided: 

  • No more than 5% of the total lot area or 1,000 square feet, whichever is less, is used to park or store vehicles in areas that are not enclosed;
  • Such vehicles must be parked or stored on a rock or paved surface as required by Palmdale Municipal Code Section 8.36.060(A)(10)(d); and,
  • No inoperative, wrecked or dismantled recreational vehicle can be stored in such a way that is visible at ground level from a public street or from an adjoining property as required by Palmdale Municipal Code Section 8.36.060(A)(4)(b).

For more information, please reference Palmdale Municipal Code Section 17.82.050 (Use of Yards).      

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