How are swim programs different this year?
  • Our recreation swim program will no longer accept cash at the pool. We are selling a group membership for this program, anyone can scan the card for entry at the pool.
  • Your pool visit will be very different this year, please visit for more detailed information.

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1. Where can I get information about City pools?
2. What kind of programming we are going to be offering this summer for children?
3. Will the City be offering private swim, Jr. lifeguard and adaptive lessons?
4. If group Swim Lessons are being offered, why can’t you offer private Swim Lessons?
5. How are swim programs different this year?
6. When will aquatic services start, when can I register?
7. Can I use the same membership for lap and recreation swim?
8. Why are you no longer accepting cash at the swimming pools for recreation swim?
9. I need help using your online services.